• Promoting a seed conservation culture

    Seed Conservation

    Seed Savers Network's mandate is to promote crop genetic diversity for sustainable rural livelihood, food security, food sovereignty, resilience and climatic adaptation. We strive to achieve a food culture that guarantees future generations a right to supply of abundant food diversity as provided by nature. To achieve this, we recognize the need and priority of conserving natural resources for sustainable agriculture by encouraging ecological farming systems.

  • Educating Communities

    SSN-Kenya in Action

    Our organization provides an agrarian solution to conserve indigenous seeds by local communities through capacity building. We empower local communities with skills, knowledge and attitudes on seed subject.

  • Multidimensional Conservation Approach


    We work to strengthen communities’ seed system a century models of self-seed reliance. Farmers are decades-custodians of seeds through in-situ conservation and on-farm saving of their improved landraces. They own these seeds and are entitled intellectual property rights under cultural heritage provided and protected in our Kenyan Constitution as well as by International Treaties. We believe social justice and environmental accountability is paramount for sustainability in food security and food sovereignty.



Seed Banking 99%
Native Plant Knowledge 95%
Team work 99%

Areas of


  • Rift Valley
  • Central Kenya
  • Eastern Kenya
  • Western Kenya
  • Rest of Kenya



  • Agrobiodiversity Conservation
  • Fruit Nursery Management
  • Agricultural Extension Services
  • Agricultural Consultancy
  • Organic Farming
  • Advocacy
  • Market Linkages

What people are saying

  • "Thank you for all you are doing.We need to work together to conserve our cultural heritage."

    Naima Dido, U.S.A. - Seed Program International
  • "Amazing to meet everyone. You are doing a wonderful work."

    Suet Bajlekor, U.S.A.
  • "Very interesting organic farm."

    Silvana ran da Noll, Netherlands
Seed Savers Network - Kenya

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Community Outreach Program


Community Outreach Program


Seed Conservation


Community Outreach Program